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By Maplewood Dentist on Monday, July 4th, 2016 in Specialized Treatments, TMJ Treatment | No Comments

Benefits of TMJ Treatment

Do you have a stiff jaw, neck pain or persistent headaches? If you do, then you could have TMJ disorder. In rare cases, this will get better on its own, but most of the time you will need to talk to your dentist about the benefits of TMJ treatment. If you leave it alone, chances are that it will get worse, so let’s take a bit of time and discuss TMJ and the benefit of TMJ treatment.

TMJ is actually not a disorder in and of itself, although most of the time patients and dentists alike use the catch-all term “TMJ” to refer to the joint itself, and also the pain that can accompany problems with the joint. It is caused by pressure on the TM joint, and when the pressure gets to be too much, then you need treatment.

Treatments may include medication, the use of a night guard or oral splints, behavior modification therapy to stop you from grinding your teeth, or, if it gets too bad, surgery. The benefits of TMJ treatment are nothing more nor less than that your pain is eased.

One of the foremost benefits of TMJ treatment is that in addition to stopping the pain, it can reduce the likelihood of dental harm. Usually, TMJ is caused by teeth grinding. The odd thing is that when you experience the pain, you are more likely to grind. Treatment can stop you from grinding.

If you have TMJ, you may also find it hard to eat, and you might not be getting the nutrition you need. This is because you will forego foods like crisp fruits and crunchy vegetables that are good for you. So, another of the benefits of TMJ treatment is that you will probably enjoy a healthier diet.

If your TMJ is advanced, you may also find that you have persistent earaches or ringing in your ears. You do not get much sleep that way, do you? So, yet another of the benefits of TMJ treatment is that you will sleep better.

When you consider the benefits of TMJ treatment, it becomes very obvious that you should not neglect this condition.

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