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cosmetic dentistry aftercare MaplewoodAt Henrickson Dental in Maplewood, MN, we provide a wide array of cosmetic dentistry services. These involve a long list of treatments, but one thing that most have in common is that they include some sort of restoration. Whether it is a crown, inlay or onlay, bridge or veneer, our patients will typically receive some sort of appliance that requires a bit of attention and cosmetic dentistry aftercare.

Though we start any plan of treatment with a focus on a patient’s overall oral health, ensuring that there is no tooth decay or gum disease untreated, we also try to end cosmetic care with the same emphasis. Therefore, we encourage any patient to master these simple cosmetic dentistry aftercare tips: because it involves the same steps that good oral hygiene demands.

Learning About Cosmetic Dentistry Aftercare

We began your plan for cosmetic dentistry by ensuring you had optimal oral health. Now as your treatments come to an end, you need only continue with these same steps. Getting checkups and professional cleanings once or twice each year is a fantastic step in your cosmetic dentistry aftercare. While it allows you to enjoy good health, it also lets our team look for any signs of a problem with a cosmetic dentistry treatment, and sends you to our cosmetic dentist for a quick fix or repair.

We also use the ideal tools and products for cosmetic treatments, as these don’t risk any scratches or discoloration to porcelain or other materials.

The “other” aspect of your aftercare is focused on how you treat your teeth and how you use those cosmetic treatments. While veneers and crowns are made of touch and durable materials, able to work like a natural tooth, they should never be put through any serious challenges. As an example, we always advise patients to:

  • Avoid chewing and biting hard foods or objects. Are you a pen or pencil biter? Maybe you chew your nails or chomp on ice cubes? If so, it must stop. You also must never open bottles, nuts, or hard foods with your teeth.
  • Recognize bruxism or teeth grinding. If you feel this is an issue, we can make a guard that eliminates risks at night or even as you play sports.

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