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cosmetic dentistry pros and consDo you find yourself hiding your healthy smile? If your teeth and gums are in good condition, but you cover your mouth with a hand each time you smile or laugh, or you even refrain from speaking or showing anyone your teeth, it is time to consider cosmetic dentistry. Before you worry that a visit to a cosmetic dentist is all about vanity, consider that the team at Henrickson Dental in Maplewood, MN can help you to regain self-confidence through cosmetic treatments, and we encourage you to review the cosmetic dentistry pros and cons below.

Beyond Esthetics

As your dentist in Maplewood, we encourage you to meet with our cosmetic dentistry specialist if you have any sort of concerns about the look of your smile. Not only does a boost in self-esteem rank as one of the pros in any list of cosmetic dentistry pros and cons, but so too does the function of your smile.

Consider that our options in cosmetic treatments might include the purely esthetic such as teeth whitening or porcelain veneers, but any cosmetic work is also going to begin with an assessment of your need for any preventative or restorative options, as well. For instance, replacing a single missing tooth with a bridge or dental implant may, initially seem cosmetic, but it also improves the health of your teeth and gums, fixes your bite and prevents any other teeth from shifting. So, it is much more than a cosmetic fix.

With an improvement in function, you also enjoy a better quality of life. For instance, replacing missing teeth, doing some bonding or veneers and whitening the smile lets you look, speak and eat like better than ever. Your treatments will look natural and allow you to enjoy the fullest function of your mouth.

Clearly, these are some of the pros of the cosmetic dentistry pros and cons, but there can be a few “cons”. Cost is always an issue, but you don’t have to have every treatment all at once. In fact, we work out a custom treatment plan and you can tackle it in stages. Another of the cons among the cosmetic dentistry pros and cons is that you have to care for any restorations and cosmetic improvements. However, this cannot rate as a downside because you already have to do this same level of care with cleanings and exams. In fact, you might say that it is a pro because it means your overall oral health may improve.

Improve Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

Would you like to discuss your options in cosmetic treatment? Just give us a call at our Maplewood, MN office at 651-777-8900. You can also use our online contact form and one of our staff will get back to you promptly.