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Enhance Oral Health with These Dental Crowns Factsdental crowns facts

If you have ever had a root canal, you are familiar with dental crowns. These are added to teeth that have been damaged that need a little extra structural support. They can also be used in restorative dentistry to enhance the appearance of your smile in general. These porcelain shells provide quite a lot of great health-enhancing benefits. Consider these other dental crowns facts from your dentist in Maplewood:

Modern Dental Crowns Give You Options

In the past, dental crowns could be spotted a mile away, because they were made of metal. A silver tooth in the middle of all your other teeth was easy to see! These days, however, dental crowns are made to look like your surrounding teeth, in three ways: a fully porcelain shell, a ceramic shell, and a metal shell that is plated with porcelain to match your teeth. Go with the third option for the most durability, or one of the first two for a more affordable dental crown.

You Do Not Even Need a Tooth for Dental Crowns

Dental crowns were technically designed to go over an exiting tooth, to hide cracks, stains, chips, or to provide stability and protection. But you can in fact use a crown when a tooth is totally missing. Your dentist will fit you for a bridge that is anchored by two healthy teeth around the hole. The crown is a great non-surgical option for a Maplewood patient with missing teeth.

Learn More Dental Crowns Facts from Your Dentist in Maplewood

Dental crowns are not for everyone, and it can be hard to estimate who makes a good candidate for crowns without seeing them. If you want to learn more dental crowns facts, you can get in touch with us at Henrickson Dental for a consultation by calling  651-777-8900, or contact us online.