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prevent a dental emergency maplewoodAvoiding Dental Emergencies

Emergencies of any kind can be wildly stressful, and dental emergencies can be especially so. Whether it is our own emergency or that of a loved one, it can involve great pain and discomfort, damage to the teeth and soft tissue of the mouth, blood and extensive treatments to repair the damages. Wouldn’t it be great if you could prevent a dental emergency? At Henrickson Dental in Maplewood, MN, we see many preventable dental emergency scenarios, and so we offer you these tips to help you avoid unnecessary emergency dental care.

Step One to Prevent a Dental Emergency: Wear Protection

It sounds immensely simple, but what we so often see is an emergency that comes when someone playing contact sports or doing something that puts undo pressure on the mouth leads to a major problem. The child who is playing football, the teen who rides a skateboard, the adult who notices they persistently grind their teeth throughout the day or night…each of these activities can also cause a dental emergency. Broken teeth, shattered teeth and damaged mouths…the list is extensive. Yet, a simple and affordable mouth guard is all it might take to avoid the worst problems.

Step Two to Prevent a Dental Emergency: Use a Bottle Opener

We also see another set of dental emergencies when patients insist on using their teeth as tools. Again, the teen who opens a bottle with their teeth, the child who cracks a nut between their jaws, or the adult who opens a bag received in the mail with their teeth can all end up with broken, fractured or dislodged teeth.

Step Three to Prevent a Dental Emergency: Get Checkups

Serious dental pain is often thought of as an emergency and we see many patients with abscesses and major tooth decay under emergency circumstances. Naturally, one of the best ways to prevent this is to have regular checkups and cleanings. We can look for warning signs of serious issues and address them long before they take on an emergency condition or status.

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Though you cannot avoid unpredictable accidents or injuries, these steps can greatly reduce your risks of rushing to us in pain or panic to get emergency dental care. Now that you know how to prevent a dental emergency, it is time to talk with a dentist in Maplewood about your needs. Get in touch with us today by calling 651-777-8900 or by visiting our contact page.