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dental implants aftercare maplewoodIf there is a more exciting development in the world of dental care than dental implants, it might be tough to find. Implant dentistry is truly the ultimate form of restorative dentistry as it replaces a missing tooth, roots and all, and allows you to enjoy an abundance of benefits. Therefore, we at Henrickson Dental in Maplewood, MN are so glad to provide patients with an implant dentist and solid dental implants aftercare tips.

Why Aftercare?

Many reading this may wonder just why an artificial tooth would need any sort of attention or care after it has been put in place. Dental implants aftercare is an important part of the process, and one thing that ensures the very best results. This is because there is a lengthier healing process with dental implants, and it is a key part of dental implants aftercare.

The issues to keep in mind as you prepare yourself for the procedure and for the most effective and essential dental implants aftercare include:

  • The wound should never be disturbed. You will not want to touch it, but you will also want to avoid rinsing or spitting in the days after the treatment.
  • The swelling of your implant area is to be expected and applying ice is the wisest method. Be sure it is wrapped in a towel and only cautiously applied to the area of swelling. You may want to do this immediately upon arrival home and for the 48 hours after treatment.
  • Your diet should be limited to nothing more than liquids and very soft foods. Avoid overly hot foods and drinks, and even skip solids for the first 24 hours if you can. However, within a day or two, you need to begin eating well to escalate the healing process.
  • Your oral hygiene should be maintained, and we will review the proper oral rinses to be used before and after treatment. We will also prescribe antibiotics if needed and use a prosthesis over the implant – though this is usually no sooner than 10 days after the treatment.

Once you have healed and the surgery is a success, you will have a crown fitted, and you can use and treat that implant just like a regular tooth for decades to come.

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Now that you know some dental implants aftercare tactics, it is time to talk with a dentist in Maplewood about the procedure and it’s many benefits. Get in touch with us today by calling 651-777-8900 or by visiting our contact page. To learn more about dental implants, read our FAQs.