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Am I a Candidate for Dentures?candidate for dentures

Henrickson Dental in Maplewood, MN offers many forms of restorative dentistry, and one of the most convenient is dentures. As your dentist in Maplewood, we want to help you determine if you are a good candidate for dentures or for another of our treatments available.

A restorative dentist is going to do just as that title describes – restore your teeth and gums to their healthiest and most functional. This can involve a wide range of options and procedures, and one of the first things you may discuss with them is whether you are a candidate for dentures.

Not many people realize that they are, actually a candidate for dentures because they automatically believe they must have no teeth in order to wear the appliances. In fact, there are several forms of dentures that include full (which replace all of the teeth on your upper or lower jaw), partials (which fill in for just a few missing teeth) and options that utilize dental implants. For example, you may hear that you can opt for a partial or a bridge that is mounted with dental implants.

What might make you a candidate for dentures rather than implants boils down to a few issues. You may not have the budget for the more advanced implants and you may not be comfortable with undergoing the implant procedure.

Does that mean that the dentures are a less than ideal solution? Not at all. Modern technologies allow a restorative dentist to provide you with dentures that are remarkably good looking and incredibly well fitting. They do just as is intended – they restore your mouth to its fullest possible functionality. You can speak, eat and look like you always have, without worries about slippage or the dentures popping out at inappropriate times.

If you are willing to keep up with good oral hygiene and have twice annual visits to your dental provider, you are a good candidate for this simple and straightforward solution. Though the use of dentures can mean having other procedures done – such as extractions or the placement of dental crowns (used to hold bridges), they are the most conservative answer for many.

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