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Top 3 Dentures Facts for New Denture Wearersdentures facts

If you just started wearing dentures, chances are that you are not enjoying them just yet. Dentures do take time to get used to, and in the meantime you can feel like you have a blinking arrow pointed at your head. Whether you just started wearing dentures, or you are researching denture providers in the Maplewood area, here are three dentures facts to put your mind at ease, and keep you prepared.

Dentures Facts: No One Can Tell

We know that it feels like everyone can tell you have fake new teeth, but honestly, dentures are much subtler these days. Modern dentures are designed to look just like real teeth. If you have a higher quality denture plate, then even the gums will be texturized more to look like real gums. With adhesives improving as well, you don’t have to worry about your dentures slipping around to give you away.

Dentures Facts: You Look Younger

The skin and muscle structure of our faces rely on healthy teeth for support. Without a full set of teeth, your face will start to sag and look older. Every time you put in your dentures, you face gets an automatic boost, looking younger and fresher every time.

Dentures Facts: You Have to Replace Your Dentures

Even if you got top-of-the-line dentures, they will eventually need to be replaced. Dentures were never meant to last forever, and it would likely be impossible to create something that would. That being said, dentures specialists can help you learn how to take care of your dentures for the most longevity.

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