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Am I a Candidate for a Root Canal?candidate for a root canal

If your visit to Henrickson Dental in Maplewood, MN resulted in our dentist telling you that you required a root canal, it is because you are dealing with a rather serious amount of infection. Any time one of our patients is a candidate for a root canal, it also means they are at risk for losing the tooth.

As your dentist in Maplewood, we want you to retain all of your adult teeth and keep them in the best condition possible. A root canal is a fantastic way to achieve this goal, and though endodontics has long had a reputation for being an undesirable form of dental treatment, this is unwarranted. Today, our endodontist can perform a root canal and you will experience nothing worse than you would if you had a standard filling. It is painless, fast and remarkably effective. The only difference is that you may require a dental crown rather than a standard filling.

So, who is a candidate for a root canal?

Essentially, this treatment becomes necessary any time a cavity has progressed to the point where it has created a bacterial infection in the pulp or nerve chamber of the tooth. A candidate for a root canal is someone with this level of infection or damage to the tooth, and they could already have a tooth that has progressed from infected to abscessed, which is remarkably painful and more difficult to treat.

Though you might opt to ignore the issue, it will only worsen and will never go away on its own or with antibiotic treatments of any kind. You can also have the tooth removed, but this is something we advise against as it opens you up to the risk of shifting teeth, misaligned bite, uneven wear, and even tooth breakage, as well as other problems.

So, if you are a candidate for a root canal, you should actually be glad that such a choice remains. It is done in a single visit and requires only the usual numbing of the tooth, but our patients benefit from our use of pain free dental technologies. We have many laser treatments that can be used to provide a fast and pain-free root canal. This alleviates one of the biggest issues that make people fear the procedure!

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