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root canal aftercare maplewoodA root canal is a wonderful opportunity for you to save an adult tooth that has become seriously infected. The only other treatment for the tooth is extraction, and this is something which you must always try to avoid. The loss of a tooth opens you up to an array of issues like shifting teeth, damaged teeth, jaw pain and much more. Therefore, we at Henrickson Dental in Maplewood, MN view root canals and endodontics as dental champions.

Of course, these treatments alone are not all that is required for success, and root canal aftercare is just as important as the treatment itself.

Understanding Endodontics

Root canals are part of endodontics, which is a specialization in dentistry dealing with the interior of the tooth. This is known as the pulp and it contains vessels and nerves that ensure your teeth and gums remain healthy. When a cavity penetrates past the exterior of the tooth and reaches the pulp, it causes a lot of pain and trouble. It can even infect the root area and nerves, going far enough to create an abscess in the gums. Therefore, a root canal, which removes the infected tissue and nerves, is important.

We can provide a fast and painless root canal treatment that results in a tooth that will be pain free and stable for years to come. It is sealed and usually topped with a new dental crown, and this is when root canal aftercare is required.

What Is Root Canal Aftercare?

We make sure a root canal is painless by using numbing agents. These wear off shortly after the treatment is done. At that time, most patients have a bit of tenderness and even some mild swelling. This means that the first part of root canal aftercare is to address this issue through pain medications and an ice pack gently applied to the area of swelling.

You will also need to avoid eating and drinking while you are still numb and then be careful about hot and cold foods in the days afterward. Your tooth will quickly stabilize and you will soon be able to use it as you did before. A week after your treatment, you may also need to come in for your permanent crown. We will check its fit and your bite at that time, and be sure all is well. After that, you can use the tooth as you have always done, and for years to come. Remember to brush, floss and have regular cleanings and your root canal will be just fine.

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