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By Maplewood Dentist on Monday, September 11th, 2017 in General Dentistry | No Comments

General dentistry and preventive dentistry are vitally important to the health of your mouth. Patients across the globe seek general dentists to properly assess the needs of their teeth and determine what kind of treatments are needed to prevent disease and maintain a healthy mouth. Our Maplewood dentists have designed a quick list of general dentistry FAQs to give you a better idea of what the process entails.

When Should I Brush and Floss My Teeth?

Our Maplewood dentists know that you should brush your teeth at least twice a day to prevent the buildup of plaque, which can eventually become dangerous tartar. It is especially important to brush your teeth before bed, and we recommend using an ADA approved toothpaste as well.

How Often Should I Schedule a Preventive Dentistry Exam?

One of the most important general dentistry FAQs that we have listed here today is the question of how often you should see the dentist. We recommend you schedule regular visits at least once a year, but it depends on your medical and dental needs. Our general dentist will typically perform a medical history review, radiograph, oral cancer screening, gum evaluation, and tooth cleaning to help determine what preventive dentistry measures need to be taken.

What Happens if I Have Stained or Discolored Teeth?

If you are dealing with stained, discolored, or otherwise visually unappealing teeth, our dentists in Maplewood can offer a variety of dentistry procedures to help correct this issue. Teeth whitening and veneers are important treatments that can cover up any stains and realign your mouth for a better smile.

Invest in General Dentistry with Us Today!

After reading our general dentistry FAQs, you may want to schedule an appointment with our general dentist as soon as possible to prevent any chances of disease or oral illness. At Henrickson Dental, we are here to help. Visit our Maplewood dentists – the same ones that designed these general dentistry FAQs – call us at (651) 777-8900 to set an appointment. Feel free to use our online contact form as well!