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benefit from invisalign

Many people often consider the benefits of Invisalign over traditional braces. We provide Invisalign as a top cosmetic dentistry choice, offering a clear alternative to metal braces.

Cosmetic dentists and Invisalign specialists recommend Invisalign to almost all patients in need of teeth straightening, and the benefits of Invisalign are endless. You won’t have to endure the pain or irritation of fixing metal braces, nor the limitations of them. With Invisalign, applied by a cosmetic dentist, you can eat whatever you want and remove the device to your leisure. Get a more comfortable fit and a less visually awkward effect with Invisalign.

How to Best Benefit from Invisalign, According to Orthodontics

  • With traditional braces, the metal fixtures must be attached and must remain there for what can be years until the teeth are straightened. With Invisalign, you have the freedom to remove them if you need to, and it does not require as much hardware to set into place. This provides a much more comfortable straightening experience for anyone interested in cosmetic dentistry.
  • The hard metal parts of braces can poke and prod at your mouth in uncomfortable ways, and might be cause for sharp edges. Braces can also cause teeth to decay or dirt to build up. Invisalign offers freedom from these hardships. Clear aligners reduce damage to teeth and provide a comfortable way to straighten your smile.
  • Invisalign goes on clear, so it’s much easier to show off your smile without the awkward hardware poking through. Metal braces can be unsightly, and the benefits of Invisalign provide the appearance that the patient is not wearing braces at all. Orthodontics always recommend Invisalign for appearance and safety reasons as well as the technological advances of a pushing force as opposed to a pulling force to straighten teeth.

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To get a firsthand look at the ways you can benefit from Invisalign, visit your cosmetic specialist or orthodontist at your Maplewood Henrickson Dental office. We can assist you in providing the information you need, and can equip you with the tools to get started. Invisalign is an affordable way for adults to set their teeth straight using a non-invasive procedure. Our clear aligners create a comfortable and flexible solution to all your teeth straightening needs. Contact our office today and get fitted with clear braces by one of our Invisalign specialists.