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Invisalign FactsThese Invisalign Facts May Convince You to Take the Plunge

Many people don’t realize just how many health problems can be caused by crooked teeth. Besides making it harder to floss correctly, leading to more decay and cavities, they can also affect your bite, leading to jaw pain, TMJ, and other issues. But no adults – and very few teenagers – really wants to deal with metal braces. They are uncomfortable, unattractive, and just no fun. Invisalign is one option that we offer here in Maplewood as the perfect compromise. Read on to learn more Invisalign facts, but beware – you may find yourself ready to take the plunge on clear braces by the end!

Fact: Invisalign Braces Cut Down the Time Needed

For most patients, clear aligners take less time than traditional metal braces to correct the issue. The trays move your teeth at a more aggressive (but still safe) speed, taking months or possibly years off the time it takes to be done with the treatment. During the treatment, you will not have to visit your cosmetic dentist as often as someone with metal braces would, and you will have fewer adjustments.

Fact: Invisalign Braces Could Save You Money

Most of our patients in Maplewood mistakenly believe that clear aligners are more expensive than metal braces. But the truth is that Invisalign runs about the same overall, and may even save you money in some cases. Invisalign does appear to be more expensive up front – but remember that you are potentially saving years of visits and materials that will raise the price of metal braces over time.

Fact: Invisalign Braces Let You Maintain Hygiene and a Balanced Diet

When you have clear braces, eating, brushing, and flossing is much easier because you can simply remove the tray. This ensures that you can keep your teeth in great shape while they are being adjusted, and makes it easier for you to enjoy your favorite foods.

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