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By Maplewood Dentist on Monday, January 30th, 2017 in Dental Emergency, Specialized Treatments | No Comments

Emergency dental care is crucial for patients experiencing pain or for those who have undergone an unexpected accident at any hour. By taking precautionary steps in the event of an emergency, you can save yourself from major damage or infection. By following these steps, you can ensure that dental emergency preparedness is right for you.

Steps to Take in a Dental Emergency

  • Maplewood dentists suggest that you locate our office as a dental home for all your dental needs. Having a singular place to find regular practices and procedures can establish trust with your dentist and help you undergo more familiar procedures. With an established relationship, we can assist you with all dental emergency needs.
  • If a tooth is fractured or chipped, immediately rinse your mouth with water to locate the dislodged fragments. Immediately place those fragments in water and bring them to your dentist for repair.
  • If your permanent tooth is knocked out, you must see a dentist within 30 minutes to an hour of the accident for the tooth to be saved. Rinse the tooth in cool water, and, if possible, place it into the socket of your mouth where it came out of and hold it there until it can be repaired.
  • Hold onto a first aid kit. Kits typically come with denture adhesive, and that can help hold a dislodged tooth or a fraction of a tooth in place long enough to arrive at the dentist.

How to Prevent an Emergency

You can take simple steps to protect your teeth and prevent further injury from occurring. If you are active, wear a mouth guard while you play sports, and wear a helmet during your bike rides. If you should fall or get knocked over, your teeth and skull can be firmly protected. If an injury does occur, treat it using these precautionary steps and seek our office as soon as possible.

Visit Our Office in Case of Emergency!

Our Henrickson Dental Maplewood Office is always available to treat emergencies and other ailments. If you’ve broken or lost a tooth, or if your tooth or gums have been injured, seek us immediately. We can provide the care necessary to heal your mouth and, if possible, salvage the lost or broken tooth. Establish our office as your dental home and get the care you deserve, contact us today!