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Am I a Candidate for TMJ Treatment? candidate for TMJ treatment

At Henrickson Dental in Maplewood, MN, we treat patients suffering from the condition known as TMJ or TMD. These acronyms refer to the temporomandibular joint, and a disorder that causes it to malfunction or create pain and discomfort. As your dentist in Maplewood, we want to help you discover if you are a candidate for TMJ Treatment – and provide you with simple and effective solutions.

Why patients develop TMJ or TMD is an actual mystery. What experts know is that it presents a diversity of symptoms and can lead to everything from discomfort and locking when you open your jaw, bruxism or grinding of the teeth, misalignment and even breakage of the teeth, and issues such as chronic head and neck pain, ringing in the ears and more.

We will help to determine if you are a candidate for TMJ Treatment by reviewing your oral health and uncovering whether you suffer more than one of the typical symptoms. If you do, we then provide splint therapy that simply uses a custom appliance you can wear at night (and in some cases during the day) to hold your upper and lower jaws in the proper alignment, while preventing you from grinding your teeth together.

You are a good candidate for TMJ Treatment if you would prefer a more conservative treatment and a natural one that does not use anything invasive. It is also a good way to cut out the use of pain killers as this condition does cause many patients a great deal of chronic discomfort.

A candidate for TMJ Treatment may also be a candidate for such treatments as alignment through the use of Invisalign trays. Sometimes, the misalignment of your upper and lower teeth will worsen or change, and this can begin to create the symptoms so common to TMJ. Though not all patients are candidates for this, most are candidates for the most basic TMJ therapies and treatment.

Just removing the stress from your jaw through the use of a custom oral splint can be enough to end the symptoms, but if you need more involved treatment or care, we have the solutions available.

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