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Restorative Dentistry FAQsrestorative dentistry FAQs

At Henrickson Dental in Maplewood, we understand that accidents happen and that tooth decay is sometimes a fact of life. That is why, though we strive to help our patients with preventative dental care, we also offer restorative dentistry procedures to help bring your teeth and gums back to health. Read through these restorative dentistry FAQs to learn more about getting your teeth back in great shape.

What Is Restorative Dentistry?

From fillings to root canal therapy to crowns, dental implants, and everything in between, restorative dentistry covers all dental procedures that are intended to correct problems with your dental or oral health.

Are Dentures My Only Option for Missing Teeth?

If you need one or more teeth replaced, you likely have a few restorative dentistry FAQs you would like answered. Among the most common we hear from our patients is whether or not they have options besides dentures for missing teeth. While dentures have come a long way over the past few years, they are not the only option for most patients.

If you have healthy teeth and gums, and you have not lost much bone mass in your jaw, you could be a candidate for dental implants. These will give you a permanent solution that will look and feel just like natural teeth. Even if you are not a candidate for dental implants, you may be able to replace a single missing tooth (or multiple adjacent teeth) with a bridge. If this is not an option, then you may need partial or full dentures.

Will My Dental Insurance Cover Restorative Dental Procedures?

We wish we could give a more definitive answer to this and other restorative dentistry FAQs on cost and insurance. However, this will depend a great deal on your insurance provider and your plan. In many cases, though, your insurance will cover at least part of your visit to a restorative dentist in Maplewood.

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