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Specialized Dental TreatmentsWe’re no stranger to advanced and specialized treatments here at Henrickson Dental. Our dentists in Maplewood near St. Paul are experienced in a wide variety of techniques and treatments that can provide you with comfort at your next dental visit in ways that include reduced discomfort and shortened healing time through the use of laser dentistry, same-day care in the event of a dental emergency, and providing a safe and welcoming environment for your child’s next dental exam and cleaning. These capabilities make us more than just a cosmetic dentist office – Henrickson Dental can be anything from your family dentist to your first stop for emergency dentistry.

Same-day Emergencies

Specialized Dental TreatmentsIn the event that you do experience a dental emergency, contact our office by phone as quickly as possible at (651) 777-8900, even if you’re calling after business hours. Simply leave a message with us with a contact number and we’ll return your call as soon as we can so we can bring you into our office and begin to provide you with relief from your dental emergency.

Situations that require emergency dental care include severe toothaches, teeth that have been knocked out, broken, or dislodged partially, a filling or restoration that has fallen out, or an abscess or tissue damage to your gums. Such events are typically painful and often involve swelling and bleeding, which is why we recommend that you carefully wash your mouth with warm water, use gauze to stop any bleeding, and then apply gentle pressure to the outside of your mouth with a cold press until you can be seen by our dentists.

Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is used to provide painless and efficient improvement to our patients’ overall oral health. Lasers can be used not just for teeth whitening, but in a myriad of procedures, and it allows patients to spend less time in the chair during even the most complex of procedures while also lessening the need for anesthesia.

Henrickson Dental uses both the Waterlase® and LaserSmile™ systems to perform our laser dentistry procedures. These include:

  • Root canals
  • Cavity removal
  • Tooth and gum desensitization
  • Recontouring of soft and hard tissue
  • Crown lengthening
  • Tooth whitening

and many other procedures as well.

Additionally, Henrickson Dental uses an advanced laser diagnostic tool, the DIAGNOdent® laser, that helps our dentists look for cavities in the mouths of our patients in even the most hard-to-reach and well-hidden places. This means we can find and remedy tooth decay before it becomes a problem, improving the dental health of our patients by a considerable margin.

Children’s Dentistry

Specialized Dental TreatmentsAn important part of any family dentist is the ability to treat not just adults but also teenagers and children. While this does require specialized knowledge in how the teeth of a child will differ from those of an adult since they’re still developing and growing, the most important part of any family dentist’s ability to provide children’s dentistry isn’t clinical but is psychological: it’s important to make children feel safe and secure on each and every visit.

Every dentist knows that children tend to have issues with visiting the dentist. Whether it’s abject fear or just a little anxiety, children are often not themselves when they walk through the doors of a dental office, and that makes it crucial to ensure they’re treated with compassion and kindness at all times – and that the office itself is welcoming and won’t make children feel uncomfortable.

We take these responsibilities very seriously here at Henrickson Dental. We pride ourselves on providing a high level of care to all our patients, and that includes children – we do our best to provide a warm, welcoming environment to children and to treat them with care and compassion to put them at their ease.

If you’re in need of special dental treatment in the Maplewood or St. Paul area, contact Henrickson Dental to schedule an appointment with one of our skilled dentists. They’ll be sure to take special care of your many dental needs.