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teeth whitening aftercare MaplewoodIn the world of cosmetic dentistry, there is an abundance of treatments that can improve the look of your healthy smile. However, one of the fastest and most effective is teeth whitening. Therefore, we at Henrickson Dental in Maplewood, MN offer a few types of tooth whitening, and why we provide the following teeth whitening aftercare tips.

What Is Teeth Whitening?

When a patient requests teeth whitening, they usually understand that it is not a permanent procedure. This is because these same patients recognize that they might have played a role in the discoloration of their teeth. Whether it was by smoking or drinking large amounts of staining fluids like tea, colas or coffee, they understand that they should give up such habits or be prepared to return later for additional treatment.

Does this mean that they cannot prolong the results? No, our teeth whitening aftercare tips always begin with a few words of advice such as “consider giving up the smoking” or “consider giving up the large amounts of coffee/tea/cola/etc.” We always tell our patients that a main component of teeth whitening aftercare is to change their lifestyle habits.

Additional Steps

When a patient comes to us, our cosmetic dentist will first review the health of their teeth and gums and then help them understand the cause of any discoloration. Once these issues are addressed, they can then help our patients understand the finest methods for teeth whitening aftercare. These are steps that prolong the results, and go beyond simple lifestyle changes.

Fortunately, they are remarkably simple and straightforward. The first is simply to be sure you are brushing at least twice daily (after meals) with a fluoride toothpaste. This keeps the teeth clean and free of any staining materials. The other step is just as simple and is to visit our office for one or two cleanings per year. Professional cleaning and polishing does wonders to touch up your tooth whitening.

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How long can you expect the treatment to last? It is astonishing to learn that some options can last for a year or more, but only when properly cared for and when your diet and lifestyle won’t cause stains to return. It is quite easy to get a glowing grin, and now that you know our top teeth whitening aftercare tips, it is time to talk with a dentist in Maplewood about your options. Get in touch with us today by calling 651-777-8900 or by visiting our contact page. To answer any questions you might have about teeth whitening, visit our FAQs page.